An afternoon stroll near Lenk

I peep out of the windows.  The weather is brilliant and the longing to walk in the mountains overtakes me.  Nothing too hard, my knees and ankles give me too much trouble for that.  I spend a quick half an hour on . Its a great site and I always come up with ideas when I browse.  Lenk catches my eye, it doesn’t seem too far and there is a description of an easy walk on the mountains.

Pano 1Lenk 056

We drive over the Jaunpass to reach Lenk.  It takes much longer than it needs to thanks to the perpetual traffic jam in Bulle.  When will the authorities do something about it ?

Pano 3

Lenk is a beautiful little town and we collect the tourist maps and head for the chair lift which takes us up to Betelberg. We get off at the top station.  The intention is to walk the Alpine Flowers walk, an hour of easy walk according to the brochure.  We stroll down the path confidently.  The average age of the people on this walk seems to be about 70, it is indeed a walk for all !! We don’t see many alpine flowers but the scenery is wonderful.  There are many benches along the path but there are people sitting and looking at mountains on each one!! According to the map, its a circular walk but we don’t see it.  So we go off-piste, a fact that my dear man doesn’t like at all !!

Pano 6

We perch on a rock to eat the sandwiches I had packed this morning and then continue to walk down to the mid-station so that we can take the cable car down back to Lenk.  The lower part of this trail is called the Marmot trail and has been laid with children in mind.  There is much to amuse them and I see many families enjoying the alpine sunshine.  Our walk at the top was about an hour and it takes a further hour and a half to get to the midway station as we have taken a roundabout route.  The mountain air has does us good but we are happy to get into the cable car and return to our car.  There is one other stop before we hit home : I want to see the two waterfalls here.  But after seeing the first one, which involves a 15 min walk, we both are content and are ready to return home.

Lenk 116

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