Tulip Festival at Morges

Every year at about this time the town of Morges has a Tulip Festival. Once the Tulips are out, spring is definitely here and all those who are hibernating can emerge once more! Like every year, I took myself to Morges and have come back with a nice stash of flower pictures to add to my yearly collection. If you happen to be in the Lake Geneva region, its worth a visit.

The garden is just by the lake, in a beautiful setting. I had an amusing hour deciding on appropriate names for each flower!

I have named this ‘Delicacy’, the purple and white combination is very restful.

Daffodils are a picture of Happiness, aren’t they?

These poppies have a rather other-worldly look about them, so I have named this picture The Aliens.

This I call Touchiness, see how prickly they are?

These tulips standing tall and bright I call Ambition.

With their shocking pink colour I just have to call them Lollipops!

What a joy these flowers are!

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