An Anniversary in the South of Spain

When my husband and I discuss how to mark our 30th wedding anniversary, we naturally opt to do so with a trip. After all, we count these 30 years in terms of the 5 different countries in the 4 continents that we have lived in. What could be more appropriate? When we discuss where, I immediately propose Andalucía as I’ve had an eye on this part of the world for some years. My husband suggests adding a couple of days in Barcelona, otherwise is happy to leave it to me.

I fetch my guide books, get into Google maps and come up with an itinerary after much deliberation. We’ll visit Barcelona, Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz, Gibraltar and Ronda over a 9 day period, I decide. True, it doesn’t give us much time to smell the roses or see our destinations with any degree of thoroughness but it will give me an opportunity to see the sites which interest me the most in each place and allow my husband the opportunity to drive, something he loves.

I am a planner and as always, I plan our trip meticulously. I book flights from Geneva to Barcelona, from Barcelona to Granada and from Malaga to Geneva. I book hotels and a rental car. I read up on places and decide which attractions to visit. I buy tickets in advance for the popular attractions to avoid queuing up. I write to tourist offices and get maps sent to me by mail. I read up about walking tours (my favourite way of seeing places) and decide on the ones I would like to do. I research restaurants with vegetarian options. I prepare a day-by-day folder with maps, required information and booking confirmations. I have been teased by friends about all this planning I do. I have tried the other way – landing up in a place and chancing upon things – but I find that way both inefficient and wasteful of opportunities. My way works the best for me.

As our trip draws near, I am disheartened to see that the temperatures in Barcelona and Andalucía have fallen and my dream of warmth must remain a dream. Oh well. Its better than wet weather!
As the story is a long one, I have split it into smaller chunks to make it easier to read. Click below on the parts which interest you.
Sorting through my pictures while writing this blog, I am amazed to see how much territory we covered in nine days! It was an amazing, a truly exceptional holiday and I know that I shall hold this precious over the years to come. The South of Spain is beautiful and I shall head back there one day, I tell myself.

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