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201210 Suj1Indian by birth, Australian by nationality, Swiss by residency, it seems that my life has been one of a traveller. I have lived and travelled in four continents and hope to travel in the rest one day (except Antartica, over which I hope to fly!) . I enjoy travelling, evidently, and also take an active interest in art (to see and do), history, photography, Indian classical music and vegetarian cookery, to name a few. I am here to share my travel stories with you and hope to appeal to the armchair traveller in you 🙂


26 thoughts on “About me

    • What a surprise to hear from you ! Thank you 🙂 All is well, I am in fact in Abu Dhabi Airport!!What a coincidence, hey? Travelling from Melbourne to Switzerland..half way there and exhausted. Will get in touch soon. Suja

  1. Hi Mami,

    Swastik here (Mou’s husband)…Your travelguide and photographs are just mindblowing and a pleasure to go through..I wish to meet you someday in person and share the insights of some one I always wanted to be – a travel photographer. 🙂

    • Hi Swastik, Thank you, I am happy you like my blog 🙂 I would absolutely love to meet you and Mou soon. I always enjoy chatting about travel and photography, it will be a pleasure!
      ashirwads to you both 🙂

  2. I’ll be in France in March and during my research on Amiens Cathedral on the Frommer site, I came across your photos and your website. Thank you for so many lovely photos and your comments on the places you have visited. I appreciate the way you characterize the places you visit, and the comments on the art and architecture, too. For the past dozen or so years, I travel to Paris each year for a month, visit (and revisit) favorite sites within the city and also range outward in search of more. My interest in Amiens arose from an account of Saint-Gaudens’ reaction to the cathedrals’ architecture, so I decided I’d better see for myself! (The reference comes from David McCullough’s book, “The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris.”)

    • Thank you Carol for your nice compliments 🙂 The great Cathedrals of Northern France are indeed well worth visiting and you will not be disappointed with Amiens, I am sure! We went in rather miserable weather, I would like to revisit one day in Summer. I must look up David McCullogh’s book, it sounds interesting!
      Cheers. Suja

  3. Hello Ms. Sujata, I was browsing for my mother-in-law, to find out who the young singer was on Jaya TV Margazhi on Dec 30. Impressive performance. I did not get the info anywhere, suddenly my google results threw up your last blog on the concert and your RTP article. This led me to other parts of your blog site and WOW ! , I have often been swept away by songs, musical renditions, events, movies, dance recitals etc and my spirit has longed to express itself and empty itself of the ecstasy experienced ! But have not known how to. I see in a short half an hour browsing of your site, that you have indeed mastered the art ! Looking forward excitedly to going over your posts in the days to come ! Rgds, Venkat

    • Hello Venkat Krishnan, What a lovely comment for me to start 2012 with !! Thank you very much! I can see that you are a connoisseur of the arts and understand my compulsion to write this blog. It is very satisfying for me to share my love of some of India’s music and dance forms with others who share the same love. I hope that you continue to visit this blog and write of your own reactions and impressions.
      Cheers. Suja

  4. Hi Suja,

    What a great blog you have.All excellent photos.I was surprised to see Wally Kringen in the comments section.He retired from posting on Frommers last year and I haven’t ran into any of his posts since .

    Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you Rob for your very kind comments 🙂 I have not written for a while now but I am leaving this week on a much looked-forward to trip to the South of Spain so before the end of the month I shall have a new post. I am very excited about this trip, I hope to enjoy it inspite of the chill which has overtaken most of Europe..
      Cheers. Suja

  5. Have a great trip!We had a few lunches of Frommers posters that really went well.A lot of nice knowledgeable travelers.Your more then welcome to come on the next one if it coincides with your travel plans.

    I’ll let you know if anymore get planned.Please keep us informed if you here from Wally Kringen again too.Several of the regular and former Frommers posters would like to invite him to to the next lunch.

    Best, Rob

  6. Hi Sujata,
    As my wife has been planning a trip to Spain, she ran across your blog entries regarding your recent trip there, and she encouraged me to look at the blog as well. We are fans of travel blogs, and yours is a good one which I intend to study at some length. In the short run, however, I have taken away two very useful ideas regarding travel photography. First, you make excellent use of panoramic shots to capture scenes that just get lost to most of our photography. Most digital cameras have the ability to “stitch” such shots, but few of us know how to do it. Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to practice that technique, and I am confident that it will improve my photography. Secondly, I notice that many of your shots of famous sites have relatively few distracting tourists in them. Although the time of year probably influenced that, I noticed from the lighting that many were apparently taken relatively early in the day. Since my wife and I are early risers, we might remember to revisit crowded sites very early in the day to capture less crowded photos. Even if that isn’t what you did; it’s a good lesson that we learned–directly or not–from your fine work. Thanks for an interesting blog.

    • Hi Bill,
      Thank you for such a nice comment !! I am glad that you found my blog of interest; I hope it comes of use when you are planning your Spain trip. In addition to my recent visit to Barcelona and Andalucia, I also wrote a post on Madrid last year.

      Since I started blogging, I have worked on finding ways to shoot which best suit my kind of blog – which is less towards writing and more towards showing. I sure am a fan of pano shots, I find that they provide almost ‘real life’ feel to the place. Since I started blogging, I have changed my photography a fair bit. For one, I prefer having a light, point-and-shoot camera with good auto features so that I never miss anything while I am fiddling with the settings. I started by stitching shots but when they were so successful, I found myself a good camera which has a built-in pano features (Sony HX-5V first for 2 years, then upgraded to a Sony HX-9V). I take 3 kinds of photos when I travel – one, for my blog where I focus on good atmosphere, visible monuments/places of interest and a few people to provide scale and human interest. I think of the narrative even while I shoot pics, this keeps me focused. Two, I take pics for my personal album with family members posing. Thirdly I take shots for my art-work; I am an artist and am forever collecting reference material! As a visual artist, shadow play is very important to me, so I do take a lot of pics either early or late in the day when the shadows are long. If you practice taking pics even in your everyday life as if you are telling a story, I am sure your skills as a travel-photographer will improve soon. Good luck!
      Cheers. Suja

  7. Hi Sujata,

    Am delighted with your erudition. Greetings from the Philippines.

    Like you, I am Indian by birth; who arrived in NZ (across the ditch from Oz) a few years ago, via 57 countries. Now I am back on my travels, first stop – Philippines, with my 5 year old. and we will move on and around. Europe suits me a bit more than expected.

    I have been to many places that you write about, and am delighted to revisit them through your lens and the prism of your reflection.

    Will be watching this space.


    • Hi Murali,
      57 countries? !! You are definitely well travelled! I am glad you found my travel stories entertaining; I take great pleasure in my travels and enjoy sharing my stories with the wide world out there 🙂 Good luck with your travels, I hope you enjoy Philippines very much!
      Cheers. Suja

  8. Dear Sujata, trying to find your contact info here, but couldn’t find it. As I’d like to share sth about your blog, would you please email me back when you have time? so I can talk about it in detail. Thank you so much


  9. Dear Friend:
    You write very well and I have become your blog follower and I am learning to appreciate Carnatic music. Were you born to Indian parents in India? I would like know little more about you (may be other readers).

    Thank you.

    • Welcome to my blogs Ravi. Indeed, as I have said in the short description of myself, I am wholly Indian by birth. But after having lived in four continents over the last 32 years that I have left India, I hope I have grown to be a world citizen 🙂 I am not very interesting I am afraid – just an ordinary middle aged woman with grown children, who has time to indulge in different hobbies including the writing of these blogs. I post in my music blog regularly, do pop in and write your reactions on the music from time to time.
      Cheers. Suja

  10. Hi Suja,
    I came to this page via your music blog – specifically via the post on Khusro’s magical compositions. Thanks for the wonderful posts on music. I see that you love travelling, and then found that you are a Swiss resident. I am Indian by birth and British by nationality. I live in London and visit Switzerland often to meet friends. I would love to connect and meet up for a coffee and compare notes next time I am visiting, or meet you in London when you plan an impulse trip next time. Is there a way I can email you and share my contact details?

      • Hi Suja,

        I am literally lost for words to describe how much I enjoy reading your music and travel blogs. Do keep writing.


      • Hi Surabhi, Thank you so much 🙂 It gives me great pleasure to know that my writing is appreciated, I am grateful!
        Cheers. Suja

  11. Suja your coverage of Warsaw and Krakow were delightful to read and see. I have been to both and love your descriptions. I was surprised to see that you have never visited a synagogue. You are perfectly welcome, but may be subject to questions and a possible search. But please feel free to visit anywhere in Switzerland, you may learn something of its history and its congregation..Most of the synagogues in Switzerland are located in its larger cities(Bern, Geneva, Zurich, etc.) but there are a few in the smaller towns. .People visit every church in sight, but only a few visit the synagogues. I think they would be richer for the experience if they did. I am an American Jewish writer of historical fiction and non-fiction also and much of my many trips into Europe as well as Asia and South America, were for research purposes…Happy travels! Keep up the blog..it’s great!
    Stuart Tower

    • Thank you Stuart for your kind words. Yes, its true, I make it a point to visit churches in my travels because they seem to represent the best of art and architecture in Europe. But indeed this was my first visit to a synagogue. I guess there is a certain hesitation in visiting religious places of cultures I am unfamiliar with in case I offend by mistake…But this first visit has instigated a curiosity in me. I have so many questions..this one was rather plain; are there ones which are more richly decorated? Is there always a ‘women’s section’ ? There was a ceremony in which certain men were participating..are there ceremonies for women too? What is the religious tolerance towards other cultures, other people? Am I, as a Hindu, an ‘infidel’ (What a horrid word’!)? I have to read up more before I go hunting for other synagogues to visit!
      Thanks again, cheers, Suja

  12. Greetings!
    I had the good fortune to discover your blog today when searching for lyrics, raagam and taalam for Smt. Aruna Sairam’s rendition of Ramalinga Adigalar’s பாட்டுவித்தால் பாடுகின்றேன்,and V. Pilllai’s சித்தம் எப்படியோ. What a treat your blog is! I am sure to visit it regularly from now on. Thank you for your delightful mix of Hindustani, Carnatic and movie music. Thank you! Abi

    • Thank you Abirami and welcome to my blog! I am always happy to interact with fellow indian music lovers through these posts 🙂
      Cheers, Suja.

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