A Spring-Time Walk in Lavaux

It was a bright sunny day  yesterday and I decided that it was just the day for a walk in the vineyards of Lavaux which I have criss-crossed a number of times. As I have a few health problems, I chose a gentle walk from Chexbres to Vevey, a downhill walk with an easy gradient. It was about 15 degrees but with a cold wind blowing, felt much cooler.

I took a train to Chexbres; the village, like the x in its name, was very silent and quiet.

The outdoor cafe under the leafless trees had quite an eerie look about it!

In Switzerland, walking tracks are clearly marked with the ‘Tourism Pédestre’ signs. In turnings, if there are no signs, there may instead be a yellow painted arrow.

I stopped to look back at Chexbres, which is the village at the higher level. I think the village below is Rivaz.

Ah, I see my destination! Vevey is in the further projection of land into the lake.

The vineyards in spring have a rather bereft look but are still beautiful.

The leaves are just starting to grow.

But there is no shortage of beautiful vistas!

I assume that’s the home of the vigneron. What a view!

At last I was near enough to see Nestlé’s headquarters in Vevey below.

Vevey is a beautiful lakeside city with lovely old buildings, a long promenade beside the lake and many quaint shops to explore.

I spent a little time enjoying the spring time colours and looking at shop windows and then took the train back home.

Here is a very short video I took today.


2 thoughts on “A Spring-Time Walk in Lavaux

  1. Hi,

    I saw your reply to me at Lonely Planet. Is the pink flower Sakura?
    I have made a reservation on Lavaux Express and I wander if it is necessary.
    Vevey seems a place not to miss, we will only be there in late afternoon. Hope the view is just as beautiful.


    • Hi June, I have not taken the Lavaux express but given that you dont have much time, it might be the easiest way to visit the terraces. You wont be disappointed with the views, they are marvellous all through. The pink flowers are cherry blossoms.
      Cheers. Suja

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