Lac Léman on a Winter Day


It was late morning on a cold winter day. I took my camera out for a walk beside the lake to capture the blues, greys and browns which colour my world now.

There were a few other walkers enjoying the crisp morning.

Some had come to play with their children and dogs.

And some others had come to play with the birds.

The boats had an abandoned air about them.

Some were floating lifelessly in the lake.

There was plenty of bird life to admire. Some took to water.

While others perched and surveyed their world, in groups at times..…

Or all on their own at others…

The play of light and shadow fascinated me as always.

As did the trees in this pale winter light contre-jour,

and the long shadows they cast on the paths.

Its another lovely morning today, and I shall soon set out to capture the light once more.


4 thoughts on “Lac Léman on a Winter Day

  1. Wow Suja what remarkable photos! I was especially wed by the one with the boat in the middle of misty nothingness, and that with the heron perched between two worlds.

    • Thank you Yves 🙂 I enjoy photography as a hobby..haven’t done much of it recently but now that the weather is looking up in Switzerland, I shall be back outside wandering around with my camera again. I have some nice pics of my travels in France too – Strasbourg during Christmas and the great Gothic Cathedrals of the North come to mind. Check them out when you have some time to kill 🙂

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