A peek at Arosa

Arosa is a small ski resort at 1800m in the eastern part of Switzerland, not far from Chur. In summer and autumn, its a wonderful place for walking and enjoying the mountain air. Here are a few pictures from our weekend there.


Arosa offers an ‘Arosa card’ for all hotel guests in summer.  This gives you a number of freebies including use of the two cable cars open in summer, the bus, paddle boats and many other things besides. We walked from our hotel to the Weisshorn cable car station, which took us up to the peak at 2653 metres. There was cloud cover and I was worried that there would be no view whatsoever but the peak was clear, with the clouds laid out below us like fluffy blankets.

With the movement of the clouds, we could see glimpses of the valley far beneath us.

We took the cable car back to the mid station. It was eerie, like heading into a void !!

We headed for a gentle walk down to Innerarosa.

There were lots of seats strategically placed to admire the wonderful views around us.

DSC03266 DSC03268

We met up with some nice Swiss cows who seemed to be enjoying the mountain air as much as we did.

Finally reaching down in the valley, we looked up at the cable car station right on top of the hills..it doesn’t look that high, does it?

We then took another cable car up to Hornli.  By now the clouds had lifted and the mountains loomed majestically all around us.


To finish off our walk, we had a delicious late lunch in the terrace of this restaurant, enjoying the mountain air and sunshine.  The day could not have been better !

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