Portsea for a weekend

I spent a couple of days with friends in Portsea. It was cold but clear and I had a happy time with my camera.

We started with the intention of walking to Sorrento along the beach.

We had the beach to ourselves. Walking on sand is a slow process, isn’t it?

Looking back, the light was amazing.

We walked a short while but then saw the tide was coming in at a smart pace. As the walk to Sorrento requires clambering over some wet rocks, we thought it prudent to abandon the expedition.

We wandered back, me taking time to shoot some pics and then walked back up this path to return home.

The next day, we took a ferry to Queenscliffe, across the bay. Looking back at Sorrento and Portsea, I am amazed at how beautiful the coast is.

Thankfully for my friend with a delicate stomach, the bay was calm.

Queenscliffe is quiet little town in low season.  There are a couple of galleries which we enjoyed visiting and then had lunch at a nice little cafe.

The views from Queenscliffe are fantastic.

We walked down to admire the rockpools and then walked back along the beach to the town.

There are two lighthouses in Queenscliffe, a black one and a white one.

Back at Portsea, we went to the beach for one last time before returning home.

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